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All your data is stored encrypted and can only be decrypted with your password.

Worldwide access

Going on a holiday or business trip? No problem, you can access your coins from all over the world.


We have no control over your account. You're 100% in charge of your own account.


We make it really easy for you to use your online mining and perform various operations with it.

How it works

Our accounts are simple text files

They look like the text you see below.

        "guid": "username+sha256+md5",
        "password": "c384b33d-bd68-4ec7-987e-70021d0cdde2",
        "keys": [
            "addr": "DFZxfsuuxgw...F6P6Som2A",
            "priv": "6KBNoT9L843mb...63VXCay5takj"

These files are encrypted in your browser

That's right, we only deal with stuff encrypted by your browser. We will never have access to your account! The encrypted text looks like the gibberish stuff you'll find below.


The encrypted files are stored in the cloud

If all of our servers were to blow up simultaneously, you'd still have access to your dogecoin.

No need to synchronize the blockchain, we'll do that for you

All transactions are processed automatically using the cron task execution, which allows payments to be made without operator participation. Be careful in specifying the address for payments, after setting the address, its replacement is impossible!

We never have access to your coins

Only you can decrypt your account, this means that we can never touch your coins, you can be assured that payment will reach to you without obstacles!